Erotic heat for the festive season!

JenniferLynne_IceQueen_800pxHi all, a few months back we were talking here about summer fun and I mentioned that, for me, summer fun means Christmas. I’m in Australia, and our festive season falls slap bang in the middle of our hottest weather.

We usually have our long school holidays in December/January, too. Shorts, T-shirts and sunscreen are the go. But somehow we still manage to celebrate the “traditional” way in our family, with a big roast turkey dinner, Christmas pudding and fake snow on the tree.

One of the traditions I remember from childhood is watching Frosty the Snowman on TV with my sisters, and all of us crying when he began to melt. So desperately sad, and yet every year we’d eagerly go back for more of the same!

JenniferLynne_DemonOfEnvy800Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, what traditions do you have in your family at this time of year? Are you hoping for a white Christmas, or like us do you need a few days off to head down to the beach and cool off?

If it is cold where you are right now, I hope you like these new covers for DEMON OF ENVY and ICE QUEEN – the next two books in my GODS OF LOVE series.

Phthonos, my beautiful god of jealousy and envy, is enough to warm the coldest toes this Christmas, don’t you think?!

DEMON OF ENVY and ICE QUEEN will be out early in 2014. In the meantime, why not catch up on the series – these erotic novellas can be read in any order, so please pick one and jump right in:





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