How to find a romantic hero in everyday life

Educating Ethan_Jennifer LynneIn my last post I discussed a couple of the more unusual ways to find me on the web (via book tours and reviews). But today, instead of talking about me, I want to talk about heroes. You know, those hot-as-hell, sexy-as-sin, romantic book heroes that we all love. Just how do you find one out there in “real-life land”?

Stop laughing! They’re out there! I know it!

Sometimes we just have to look a bit harder in real life to find our heroes, don’t we? I found mine right when and where I least expected it, and I shared part of this story on my own blog four years ago.

Before I share the story here, tell me…do you have an everyday hero or heroine in your life, and if so, how did you discover their heroic qualities?

Here’s how I found my everyday hero:

I was in the middle of a sensual feast, halfway through writing a chocolate body paint sex scene when I heard the screaming from downstairs. I ran, only to discover one daughter standing on the coffee table, the other on the kitchen bench, my cat Cleo sitting next to the cat door looking very smug, and my first ever mouse in the house streaking across the floor.

I thought screaming and jumping on furniture was a myth. Apparently not.

I joined my daughter on the coffee table, and we all stood there awhile, wondering what to do. As the only adult in the house it was incumbent upon me to find a solution to this tricky state of affairs. Could I get to the laundry and find my broom, somehow sweep it out of the house? Er…no. What if it crawled up the handle?

Could I let my cat finish…? No. Too mean. Too messy.

So I did what any sensible gal would do in this situation. I crept to the phone and rang my significant other, who was just heading into the gym for a relaxing sauna and spa. And he, of course, did what any sensible man would do in this situation. He laughed.

But to his credit he also came home, and calmly herded the little creature towards and eventually out the back door into the garden. Too late in the end to go back for his sauna, but not too late to show the girls and I that even the smallest things can expose a real-life hero in our midst.

Sometimes it is good to step outside our fictional world for a time, and to remember that even in our everyday lives, no matter how unlikely the situation, there are people out there willing to step up and be heroes.

That said, there is something very enticing about a drizzle of chocolate body paint across a perfect set of fantasy abs, isn’t there?

Pandoras Gift_Jennifer LynneHere’s what I was writing when real life a.k.a. “the mouse” interrupted:

Pandora took the jar of paint and waited impatiently while he tore off his clothes. Then she stepped forward to create her latest work of art.

“Hmm.” She pretended to consider her options. “This canvas is nice and blank. Where should I start?” Her paint-laden index finger connected with his nipples. Like hard little pebbles against her cushioned fingertips, the feel of him sent a tremor right to her core.

“Here?” She swirled across his ribs, down his abdomen, dipping into one of the shadowed areas that highlighted his impressive six-pack. “Or here?” She swept lower, into the tangle of hair that denoted the start of his manhood, loving the sound of the groan that escaped his lips.

“Yes,” she said. “Definitely here.” She refreshed the chocolate on her fingers and curled her hand around the hard, hot center of him, stroking up toward the tip and back again.

PANDORA’S GIFT did get finished in the end, and it is available from Red Sage Publishing and Amazon US.

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