Sexy stories and how to find them! month we’re talking about some of the ways in which readers can find our sexy books. Of course, I could suggest you visit my website, my Goodreads page or my Amazon book page, but unless you already know that you want to search “Jennifer Lynne” or something like “Gods of Love” when you start, it is probable you won’t find me! Like most authors, I’m not sitting there visibly at number 1 on the bestseller lists.

So, other than word-of-mouth, or sheer coincidence, how do you discover a new author, book or series that you might not otherwise have known about?

I’ve just (as in yesterday!) finished an online book tour for my latest ménage release, Immortal Seduction, so that is still front and center in my mind as a great way for readers to get a taste of new authors and books.

VBTs – or virtual book tours – are often a mix of interviews, guest posts by the author, book excerpts and reviews. The first two offer insight into the author as a person – who they are, what their writing is about, and likely gives a sense of their writing “voice” too. Here’s an interview I did over at Romance Junkies if you’d like to have a closer look at who I am!

Excerpts are perfect as a glimpse into the book itself, while reviews from reputable review sites are a great way to gauge reader reaction and judge whether or not a particular book might appeal to you. Here are some reviews of Immortal Seduction from the tour – while you’re there you might get more great reading ideas, too:

Jennifer Lynne_Immortal Seduction Book CoverThis was such a heart-warming, passion filled read…a hot masterpiece…” Why I Can’t Stop Reading

Jennifer Lynne’s Gods of Love series is one of my favorite series out right now…sexy, emotional and passionate…” Wicked Readings by Tawania

The smexy was smouldering and engaging…” Fandom Fanatic

“A very steamy and passionate erotic novella with a wonderful story to go along with it…” Darker Passions

To find book tours online, just google “virtual book tours”, “romance blog tours” or “online book tours”, and keep an eye out on social media as most of them are heavily promoted across Facebook, G+ and Twitter.

If stalking book tours doesn’t appeal to you, there are many other ways to find new reads online, and I’m sure the Dirty Birdies will explore more of these during the month.

Dirty Birdie books

If it’s a Dirty Birdie book or author you specifically want to know more about, then signing up to follow our blog is perfect as we announce all our new book releases here, and of course, you can check out our individual websites from here as well.

In the meantime, here’s an Adults-only excerpt from ménage a quatre romance Immortal Seduction that will hopefully whet your appetite to try something new:

A man sandwich, one of their past lovers had joked when they got to this point, but Aphrodite said nothing so crass. She just let out another sigh, the ragged sound edged with anticipation. Her perfume filled his nostrils and a strange roar in his eardrums slowed his thinking until he couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t do anything except sip from her proffered well of moist sweet nectar when he leaned in to take the kiss. Her lips were both spicy and sweet at the same time. The taste was exotic and new, and it blended perfectly with the familiar whiskey-laced breath of his friend as Hugh joined them in a three-way kiss like none he had ever experienced before.

Time ceased to exist as he dipped into her mouth and supped. The ever-present vestiges of his anguish receded as hunger took its place. Desire. Craving. That was all he knew, especially when her moan vibrated across the back of his throat. First one, then the other of them plunged with a tongue here, nipped there with eager teeth. He sucked at the fullness of her bottom lip and felt in turn the delicate flicker of her tongue as she rasped it across his own.

Demanding, then asking. Dominating, then pleading. The dance went on and he couldn’t tell who was in control. Or out of it. He didn’t care. If she wanted to be in charge, that was okay by him. He would happily go wherever she led.

Her body was as soft as it had promised to be, and yet somehow hard and unyielding. Earlier she’d been wearing a white dress, but now she was naked between them. How was that possible? He groaned and heard an answering sound erupt out of Hugh before his friend leaned down to take one of her long pink nipples into his mouth. Blindly he reached out and grappled the other breast, weighing its enticing heaviness in his palm.

Slow this down. Catch our breath.

Immortal Seduction is the fourth in the Gods of Love series but each story is designed as a stand-alone, so if you want to try this one first, please do! It is available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, All Romance eBooks and B&N.

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