How did I get into ménage writing?

Hi, it’s Jen here. I still remember the day I got “the call” – or in my case, “the email” – from Red Sage for my first book. They loved SEDUCING SERENA and wanted to offer a contract for their SECRETS erotic anthology, but in the first round of edits, I was advised that I needed to spice it up a little more.

Secrets 28 cover_Jennifer LynneSay what? The sex scenes between Serena and Nick were already pretty hot, I thought. It certainly made me blush when I wrote it. But in order to be included in SECRETS VOL. 28, I needed to build on what was already there and make it hotter.

That memory makes me smile. I was an erotic romance virgin back in 2009. Since then I’ve published seven stories – two with Red Sage, one with Breathless Press and an independently published series called GODS OF LOVE.

The latter is GLBT-themed and includes bisexual heroes with M/M love scenes, a transsexual heroine, and both ménage a trois (M/F/M and M/M/F) and ménage a quatre romance (M/F/M/M).

But how did I get from point A to point…well…M?

As I wrote, I also read. Lots of erotic romance, in many different sub-genres. I found that I really enjoyed stories in which gender boundaries became blurred. People falling in love with other people, regardless of sexual gender. I love it! And what better place to explore that than the flexibility inherent in a ménage relationship?

One thing that has been consistent in all my writing is a happy-ever-after or a happy-for-now ending, with a real developing relationship, regardless of how hot the sex gets. So in that respect, I’ve found my limitations. I write erotic romance, not erotica.

Platinum Passion Book Cover_Jennifer LynneWhen I began writing PLATINUM PASSION, the first in the GODS OF LOVE series, I had in mind a straight M/F story, a one-off. But with the demands of jobs, family, health issues…namely, life getting in the way, I realized how hard it is to maintain the romance when you’ve been with someone a long time. I wondered what would happen if a sexy Greek god just landed in our bedroom, and the story took off from there.

I knew that this story was going to be my “indie experiment”, and without the constraints of writing for a particular publisher or line, I just let my imagination loose. That one story turned into a series in which my beautiful erotes – Pothos, god of sexual yearning, Himeros, god of sexual desire, and Anteros, god of requited and unrequited love, came to life in modern-day Australia.

Jennifer Lynne_Immortal Seduction Book CoverThe writing journey to my latest story, the just-released ménage a quatre romance IMMORTAL SEDUCTION, has been a natural progression. It felt right for that particular story, to give the goddess Aphrodite not one, not two but three strong heroes – all struggling to cope with a tragic loss and all in desperate need of her special brand of healing.

Will I continue to write ménage romance? Yes, I really enjoy the challenge and the different emotional dynamics within a multiple partner relationship. I won’t write ménage every time, I’m sure, but if it fits the story, then I’m definitely in my comfort zone.

So, tell me what you like to read when you pick up a romance book. What sub-genre are you comfortable reading – or writing?

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