Sex without gender labels? New release IMMORTAL SEDUCTION

iStock_greekstatue and womanHi everyone, it’s Jen here, and it seems to be the week for new release announcements so I’m going to add my voice to the mix! IMMORTAL SEDUCTION, the fourth novella in my GODS OF LOVE series and my first ménage a quatre romance (MFMM), is out now.

Do you like hot fire fighter heroes and sexy Greek gods and goddesses? Then this one is for you! An unusual pairing – or “quadrupling” – you might think, but the juxtaposition of Greek mythology and modern-day mortals in need of sexual healing has allowed many possibilities for love and desire, without the moral judgement or labelling that often accompanies contemporary sexual situations.

The ancient Greeks had a sexual freedom that we lack today. They did not define sex with gender “labels” such as gay, lesbian or transgender, but instead, tended to look at sex from a Dom/sub point of view. One person as the dominant penetrator and the other as the submissive penetrated, regardless of gender.

Perfect fodder for an erotic romance writer! I like to think that each of the GODS OF LOVE stories has a fluidity to gender “roles” that echoes the ancient Greeks. Each of these novella-length stories is stand-alone, so the series can be read in any order. Here’s the blurb for IMMORTAL SEDUCTION:

Jennifer Lynne_Immortal Seduction Book CoverSome seek love, some seek power. For Aphrodite, the two are permanently intertwined. And when the goddess of desire hungers for love, who among mortals could possibly resist her power?

Fire fighters Ashur, Kieran and Hugh are damaged men. A tragedy that took the life of their colleague has left them scarred, both physically and emotionally. Love and power are nothing to them but empty words. Hoping to reignite their mother’s passion for life and love, the erotes bring these mortal men to Aphrodite’s attention.

But with the blackness inside Ash, Kier and Hugh becoming ever deeper, will it take more than the power of a goddess to save them? And if she loses that battle, how will she rediscover the path to healing for her own emotionally damaged heart?

Warning: contains ménage (MFM and MFMM) sex between the goddess of desire and three hot firefighters! Suitable for Adult readers only.

Excerpt (Adults-only)

It wouldn’t hurt for a moment, surely, to just give in and enjoy the sensations. Questing fingertips skated across his arms, his chest, down to his groin. A hand gripped his cock, too large and indelicate to be hers, but he could fight this urge no longer. His head fell back and he gave in to the feel of moist lips and tongue sucking him in, not caring whose mouth it was, and yet also caring too much. Who had control of his manhood, of his sex? Who had such exquisite expertise as they licked and sucked and pulled the ready juice out of him and down into their throat?

A male body was behind him, the slick wet head of a cock prodding between his ass cheeks with a persistence that made him want to bend over and be fucked for the first time in his life. And then…oh, God! There were lips on his thigh. On his scar. Someone was raining tiny kisses all over the disgusting puckered flesh before dragging their moist tongue back and forth across his skin.

How could they face doing that?

His eyes flashed open. It was Hugh who had sucked him in deep, so deep that the top of his cock hit the back of his friend’s hot throat when his hips shuddered in an instinctive thrusting response. It felt so fucking good.  He couldn’t believe he’d made such a big deal about not doing this in the past.

Hugh. He wanted to laugh, and cry at the same time. Who knew?

Breath laced with a familiar whiskey smell was hot and hard against his neck, identifying Kier behind him. His buddy was busy back there, stroking his body and caressing the crease where his butt cheek met his leg, teasing his ass in the most delightful way possible.

But his senses honed in on Aphrodite. She was kneeling in front of him, side by side with Hugh, and she was touching his scar. Celebrating the mutilated flesh on his leg with her lips, and tongue, and even her fingertips.

“Aphrodite,” he whispered. And that’s when the shaking began. Real shaking, as if he had a fever of some kind and his body was no longer his own. “I don’t want…I want…” He couldn’t get his tongue around the quaking words. Couldn’t get his brain around the thoughts. “I don’t know what I want.”

Tears squeezed out of the corners of his eyes and an ache formed deep in his ears and throat as he held in a sob. Jesus. I’m better than this. I’m stronger. But he just stood there, unresisting, tears falling silently as he let them all love him.

(Copyright 2013 Jennifer Lynne)

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Jennifer Lynne writes erotic romance from her home in Melbourne, Australia. She lives in hope that readers will continue to enjoy her novella-length tales of lust and love. Find out more at her Website and Blog.

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