Summer fun means… Christmas?

Christmas baubles at beachOur blog theme for this month is summer holiday romance and while I know it is summer for many of you, I’m in Australia and right now we’re in the middle of winter, warming our fingers and toes in front of the wood burner and scraping frost off the car every morning before heading into the rain. Erk!

For me, summer fun is about the long school holidays. Shorts and T-shirts, bare feet, washing sand out of nooks and crannies after a day at the beach. Sunburn, sweat and sleeping in. But most of all, summer for me is about Christmas.

Many Aussie families celebrate the festive season with a barbeque or a cold seafood platter, followed by a dip in the ocean or pool to cool off. In my family with its English and Scottish background we still celebrate the traditional way – a hot roast turkey feast and “snow” on the Christmas tree (yeah, okay, it’s fake snow but what can you do in 40 deg C temperatures?!).

But that’s all still several months away for me, so in the meantime, how to bring a little “summer heat” back into our lives when it’s grey and wet outside? What about a new erotic romance release later this month, featuring the goddess of desire and three hot firefighter heroes? Set near the holiday seaside resort of Apollo Bay on the southern coast of Australia. Would that be enough to warm the blood, do you think?

Jennifer Lynne_Immortal Seduction Book CoverHere’s a little teaser excerpt from MFMM romance IMMORTAL SEDUCTION, due out 27th August:

Would they be cold and fresh from the sea, those lips, or would the heat of her mouth draw even more of his blood to that hungry appendage between his legs? Would she suck and lick, or use her teeth to vary the sensory exploration of his organ?

Jesus! What was wrong with him? He blinked and shook his head to clear the lustful thoughts away, but she was there in front of him. Naked again, and laying his own overcoat down on the sand, bending forward as if offering up the valley of her sex for his own personal use.

“Um…” Where the fucking hell should he look? But while his brain was still trying to be polite his eyes had other ideas and he couldn’t help but drink in the view of those hairless folds of flesh rimming the enticing slash that separated her perfectly rounded butt cheeks.

A ribbon of faint male laughter tickled his senses and he looked up and down the beach in confusion. But they were still alone, so where…?

Ah. The cliff top. Silhouetted above them for just a fraction of a second he saw three well-built men standing shoulder to shoulder. “You won’t be able to help yourself, my friend,” a voice whispered in his head, and then another, less amused, overlaid it.

“He will, Pothos. He’s strong. Keep looking into your heart, Ashur. You’ll know it’s the right path if you just keep looking into your heart. I am Himeros, her son, and you are one of our choices. But you must remain strong. For as long as you can.”

Then the silhouettes were gone, the crazy voices in his head were gone, and he was left alone with this eccentric woman who was seated now on his jacket and patting the ground beside her.

“My sons are being very naughty, but you should just ignore them. Come sit with me a while, Ashur. I want to…know you.”

That word, and the ravenous way she lingered over it, weakened his knees and he dropped to the sand as if someone had bashed him across the back of the legs with a stick.

Find out more at Jennifer Lynne’s website.

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