Something I’ve Never Written…

…is a wedding scene. I’ve written tons of short stories, novellas and a couple of novels, and not once have my characters gotten married. Why? A sign of the times, perhaps? People don’t get married as much as they used to, and all that.

Actually, no, that’s not why. I literally never thought about this until I sat down to write this post, so bear with me, but I suspect it’s because I’m not really that good at the mushy stuff. Yes, I write erotic romance as well as pure erotica and many of my characters get a happy ever after, or a happy for now, but I’ve never taken them right to the aisle. I’m fairly sure I haven’t even had any characters get engaged (correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve written lots of stories!). God, aren’t I just a mean bitch?

It’s probably not intentional, but I reckon my stories deal more with the characters getting together, or back together, etc, and I’m perfectly capable of handling the declarations of love and falling into bed, I just haven’t seemed to take it any further than that.

Hmm… it seems I really must rectify that, doesn’t it? Right, one wedding coming up. Actually, you’ll have to wait. If I marry the character I’m writing now to someone else, I think he might kill me.

If you want to read one of my books which has lots of lovey-dovey action but no wedding, check out my latest release, A French Affair

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