Dirty Birdies with a Difference – Word Association

Hi everyone! My post for today is something a little bit different. We came up with the idea of interviewing one another, and also running a word association post. So I came up with ten random words and sent them to the other ladies. This is what they came up with:

Lucy Felthouse:

Bound: And Gagged
Apple: Juice
Fizz: Bubbles
Spring: Clean
Witch: Spell
Cowboy: Yee-hah!
Stamp: Postage
Mirror: On the wall
Cupcake: Yum!
Flag: Bring to attention

Cassandra Carr:

Bound: Fun
Apple: Eve
Fizz: Pepsi
Spring: Mud
Witch: Lion
Cowboy: Sexy
Stamp: Tramp
Mirror: Exhibition
Cupcake: Frosting
Flag: America

Tara Lain:

Bound — Cassandra Carr’s books. Yum!
Apple — I love my iPad.
Fizz — Champagne, what else
Spring–is most beautiful in Washington, DC and Paris, of course
Witch– My next new release is Brush with Catastrophe, a MM paranormal romance about a witch who is a prophetic painter
Cowboy — Some of my favorite shifter stories are in a cowboy anthology called Shifting Sands
Stamp– I need gazillions of them to mail swag to winners of my blog tours
Mirror — I have these cute, pink mirrors I give away as swag and people love them
Cupcake — I’ve never quite understood the fascination or why people would stand in line to get them
Flag– the ring of flags around the base of the Washington Monument are most beautiful on a gray winter’s day

Viki Lyn:

Bound – chains
Apple – healthy
Fizz – pop pop
Spring – travel
Witch – wiccan
Cowboy – muscles
Stamp – tattoo
Mirror – no way
Cupcake – lick
Flag – freedom

Scarlett Parrish:

Bound: Cliched BDSM titles
Apple: Cider
Fizz: Buck’s
Spring: Watch (Springwatch? Ever seen it? :D)
Witch: Hazel
Cowboy: Builder
Stamp: Postage
Mirror: Image
Cupcake: Icing
Flag: Union

Make what you will of our responses! 😉

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  1. This is so fun. We should make it a regular feature. : )