Holidays and Inspiration

Hi everyone!

I’m from the UK, so to me it’s a holiday, not a vacation 🙂

I’ve noticed that the longer I’ve been writing, the more often real locations end up in my stories. And of course this includes places I’ve been to on holiday. In actual fact, all three of my most recent releases contain real locations that I’ve been to…

Lover Unexpected: Sappho EditionLover Unexpected: Sappho Edition is a lesbian erotic romance anthology from Evernight Publishing. It contains my story, Finally Found, which is set in London, a place I’ve been to many, many times, but still haven’t covered it all – there’s just so much to see!

But regardless of that, I’ve still written about a small portion of it in Finally Found. The leading ladies stay at The Ritz (okay, I’ve only been outside, but close enough, right?), visit Fortnum and Mason (the Queen’s official grocer), Piccadilly Waterstones and Soho. I didn’t purposely visit the places with the intention of putting them in a story, the idea just came to me later. And the result is a fun lesbian love story. And the anthology already has a silver star on All Romance eBooks!

Cougars and JackalsCougars and Jackals is an erotic anthology from Xcite Books about… well… cougars and jackals. My story in this anthology, In Search of Bookcases is about a sexy sugar daddy and is set in an exclusive West London department store. The name isn’t mentioned in the story itself, but it’s based on Harrods 🙂 Again, I never intended to feature the shop in a story, it just happened when I sat down to write the piece.



Smut by the SeaAnd finally, the anthology I co-edited with Victoria Blisse, Smut by the Sea contains a place I’ve really been to and holidayed in. Hunstanton is on the North Norfolk coast, in England, and I used to go there lots as a child, and have made several trips as an adult, too. So all the settings in this story are real, too. The mini-golf course, the funfair, the cliffs, the fish and chip shop…

The Colosseum



They’re just three examples. I have pieces scheduled for later in the year which are set in London and Rome, two stories in each place, actually.

I have a few more trips planned this year, within the UK, so hopefully they’ll all give me some food for thought, and inspire me for more erotic and romantic stories.

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