Thank Flick for Flickr!

You may or may not know about the recent debacle, started by this blog post about using copyrighted photos on the web. But myself and my fellow Dirty Birdies certainly do – basically we all panicked and took down our man candy and other photos, just to be on the safe side. It’s been a sad time, but I can totally understand why it needs to be done – after all, I wouldn’t want anyone copying my work on the web.

the hurt lockerHowever, blog posts just aren’t the same without photos, and in my opinion, the hot men photos are just the best. So I’ve been looking around at legal ways to use photos of hot celebrities – and the best and easiest one I’ve found so far is Flickr. Basically, join yourself up and you can search for whatever you like, but you must use advanced search and select the option to only show photos which are Creative Commons Licensed Content – which means you can use it without fear of getting sued. But of course you must still cite your source – so I’ve been using the HTML code supplied by Flickr which embeds the information of the person who took the photo. See example of my latest crush, Jeremy Renner.

So, although the variety of photos is nowhere near as large, and in many cases, nowhere near as sexy, it’s better than nothing. So let the man candy continue!

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