A Place of Peace and Healing

So here’s the thing: I haven’t had time to write much more than short stories in a while (cue the sad violins). But the reason I’ve been so busy is because I’ve been editing my not-so-inconsiderable backside off, particularly these past few months on the new and upcoming releases for the Wiccan Haus.

The Wiccan Haus is a shared world paranormal erotic romance series owned by Musa Publishing, and all books in it are edited by your truly. The world was created by Dominique Eastwick in her book Shifting Hearts, and I work with her to make sure that the world develops consistently and we don’t cross any streams (as any Ghostbuster will tell you, crossing streams is baaaad news).

And after editing three books set there nearly back to back, it’s also a place I kind of want to live. And so… (drumroll)

The Wiccan Haus Spa and Resort is on a (deceptively) small island off the coast of Maine (suuuuuuure it is. Just don’t consult the star charts). It is run by Sage, Cemil, Cyrus, and Sarka Rowan, four very powerful siblings who are all that remain of their large family after assassins, sent after Cyrus, slaughtered four of their sisters. First they healed themselves, and then they turned to healing others. (Sarka, the oldest, would like to point out that she thought it was a terrible idea to invite humans to the island when they were already hosting weres and vamps and psychics, but Sage and Cemil were… insistent.)

Since we’re human, we’d have to take the ferry from the mainland. Don’t worry about the fog bank; it’s always there, and the ferry makes it through every time. The island is just on the other side. You can see the Haus from the ferry dock, just a short walk up the path. The building itself looks like something right out of a Bavarian forest, with white exterior walls, thick wood beams, and red-shingled roof.

All humans are housed on the third floor. The second floor is for Paranormal guests only. To keep people from wandering the wrong floors, there are three elevators. Elevator #3 can only be operated by a human, and only goes to third floor. Elevator #2 only goes to the second floor. And Elevator #1… well, no one really knows where it goes, but rumor has it that Sarka installed it.

There are classes for everyone, depending on what kind of healing you’re in need of (Trixie is always happy to have people in her deep breathing class), and in your free time, you’re encouraged to wander the island. There is a hot springs, an orchard, and a lake all within a ten minute walk of the Haus. There are cabins for staff and guests desiring more privacy scattered around the island, but you probably want to stay away from the Head of Security’s place. He’s a territorial were-tiger, and while his human mate might say he’s as harmless as a kitten, there are more than a few Paras who would disagree.

For a health resort on a tiny island, there’s a lot of security. And they’ve needed it more often than you’d expect. There have been out of control weres, military actions, and evil Paras, all bent on destroying the safe space the Rowans have created. They haven’t had much luck.

And there’s the romance, of course. But that’s where the good bits are, now isn’t it?

Books in the Wiccan Haus series:

Coming tomorrow, our first GLBT Wiccan Haus!

Coming July 13:

And more beyond that. I’m so seriously in love with this world, I’ve started outlining a book of my own!

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  1. Sigh. I think i want to live here too — if we can just manage those out-of-control weres! : )