Even Dirty Birdies need to pay the rent every now and then. This has come as a shock to us, because we were dead certain our web host would let us stay here in exchange for hot pictures, smutty talk, and tales of adventure.


So now here we are, a bunch of loud-mouthed, dirty-minded Birdies with a bill to pay. And, like any self-respecting peddlers of smut, we’re pimping ourselves out. Well, our blog space.

We’re offering a limited number of advertising spots on the Dirty Birdies blog, and you, our loyal readers, are the first to hear about it!

What we’re offering:

  • Large Banner Ads across the top of the Dirty Birdies blog (five spaces per month)
  • Medium static ads in our large side column (two spaces per month)
  • Small static ads in our small side column (three spaces per month)

The cool stuff:

  • The big banner ads will randomly cycle, but the static ads are your chance to stake out a little corner of our Dirty paradise for a month.
  • We’ll be offering discounts to people who link to us.
  • There are volume discounts available.

Why advertise with the DBs? Because we’re an active blog with a readership as diverse as our members. We love our friends and readers and think you will, too. And because you’ll help keep us in our swanky digs.

If you’re interested in purchasing ad space on the blog, contact me at with the email title DB SPACE.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled shenanigans.

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