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Today I’m putting on my editing hat as the head of Musa’s GLBT imprint, Erato. Considering what’s been going on in our community lately, I’m really excited to share with you all some information about Erato’s first annual fiction contest. One of the things I love so unreservedly about my imprint is that we take all genres. There’s a real freedom to stretch your legs within the realm of GLBT fiction. (Ha! Freedom! I’m on topic!)

I promised you guys contest details, didn’t I?

First Annual Orpheus Fiction Contest at Erato

Erato GLBT is proud to announce our first ever fiction contest! Open to all GLBT fiction, the Orpheus Fiction Contest gives all writers a chance to skip the slush pile and go for the grand prize of a two book deal with Musa Publishing!

At Musa, we believe in finding the best stories, no matter where they might come from. And in that spirit, the Orpheus Fiction Contest is open to all genres; speculative fiction, romance, YA, literary and more. This contest is for our GLBT imprint, so your main character(s) must be somewhere in the spectrum, but other than that, show us what you’ve got!

Step One – Submit a query.
Step Two – Public voting on which ten queries go to the semi-finals.
Step Three – Semi-finals. Sample chapters to determine which five go on to finals.
Step Four – Finals. Full manuscripts.
Step Five – Rule the world.

The contest will open for submissions on February 28th!

Don’t know how to write the perfect query? Not sure what judges (and editors) look for in sample chapters? Stay tuned to the Erato blog in the coming weeks to find out what you need to know to make your entry shine.

Complete rules and details here!

Won’t have anything ready in time for the contest? Erato is open to regular submissions, too!

What we want:

  • Romance and erotica of all heat levels
  • Non-romance fiction, including (but not limited to) speculative fiction, paranormals, and contemporaries
  • We also have a particular interest in GLBTQ YA

For submission procedures, guidelines, and sample contract, visit our blog:

Call Dates: Immediate and ongoing
Length: 4000 words and greater
Reprints: Musa will consider reprints on rights reverted stories
Payment: Royalties only

No multiple submissions accepted


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