End of the year!

Image by Elizabeth Silver
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I love the end of the year. It’s always so… wonderful. Either there’s the breathless relief that the old year is over, or the teasing, tempting promise of everything that’s to come in the new one. But in this week, this limbo between old and new, I always feel like the two exist simultaneously. I want to look back and forward all at once, and sometimes I get so dizzy from trying to do just that! First, the old:

Some of my fellow Birdies have done lists of their favorite books of the year, but I haven’t done all that much reading for fun in the past months, so I’d wind up giving you a list of books I’ve edited, or books my friends have written, and that’s just no fun. But this year, I bought two new bookshelves and promptly filled them up with all the books I’ve had stacked around the house for ages, making it ever so much easier to find old favorites I’m itching to reread. Check with me next year, eh? 😉

But I have signed two new contracts this year, both for paper publication in anthologies. And I’ve been working in the job I’ve wanted almost as long as I’ve wanted to be a writer. So, career-wise at least, I’ve managed enough that I don’t feel stagnant, despite the slow pace I’ve been at.

And the new!

The new is good. Great, even. I have plans for several novel next year, now that I know how the work flow goes, so I’m looking forward to working myself like mad in 2012. Heck, I even signed up for Facebook the other day because I am clearly not spread thin enough! Also, I’m looking at a couple of possible design type changes here on the DB blog. It’ll take a little bit of experimenting and research, but I think it’ll make things very interesting around here.

And there will be things. Lots and lots of things.

But first, we’ve got a few more days left to 2011.

What about you? What are you looking forward to in 2012?

Liz Silver is an author, an editor,a human magpie, and an insomniac.

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