NaNoWriMo Word Rally!

Okay. Let’s talk word rally.

I need one. I need one like a needing thing what defines needing, because thanks to work and a lovely migraine that had me stretched out in a whimpering, whining mess for two days, I’ve written bugger all this past week. And while it’s HIGHLY unlikely I’m winning NaNoWriMo this year, I don’t see that as any reason to, you know, STOP. Just because I’m not going to come in first doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep giving it my all.

But what that does mean is that I need to rally my ass off and get some words done. So here’s my challenge to all NaNoing (or not) Birdies and our readers playing the home game today: let’s see how many words you can get in the next 24 hours. Are you up to the challenge?

Some tips:

Close down that browser – The Internet is lovely. And helpful. And shiny. And fucking distracting. Stay away from the web. If you have to look things up and have a saved session (I’m looking at the mirror right now), use a different browser without any of the Tumblr, Twitter, Blogger, bits-n-bobs.

Step away from Twitter – See above. If you’re tweeting, you’re not writing.

Maximize your writing window – If you haven’t installed OmmWriter, I really do suggest it. It strips away distractions beautifully and if you can’t be reminded of the email you mean to check or the status you want to update, it’s easier to just concentrate on what matters.

Don’t look too closely at what you’ve written – When I’m writing, I tend to stare blankly at the center of my keyboard, or gaze off at the corner of the room while I type. Anything but looking at the monitor. If I look too closely at what I’m writing, the internal editor kicks in, and then my process comes crashing to a halt.

Write in company – This is the exception to the Twitter/Internet thing. Come find people on Twitter to keep you virtual company, to cheer you on while we all write like the wind. Use the #1k1hr, #wordsprint, #nanowrimo, and #amwriting tags to find more people.

Any more tips and trcks? Share them here! The one with most words gets… a really big pat on the back. And a virtual cookie. But then again, so does everyone, so that’s probably a shitty prize, huh?

Okay. I’ll be on the #1k1hr later today, checking in every hour or so. Let’s see if I can reign in my ADD long enough to do that NaNo thing, shall we? Let’s make this day ours, NaNovelists!

Liz Silver is an author and editor. Her newest release, Laced, is in Best Bondage Erotica 2012, from Cleis Press.

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