NaNo Check In Time!

Week Two is coming to an end! How does it feel, NaNovelists? For the past two weeks, you’ve been pounding away at your manuscripts, bringing life to your brilliant ideas, and right about now, you’re probably thinking…

Holy crap, when was the last time someone vacuumed that carpet? And are we really out of vegemite? How the hell am I going to make my word count with this idea? What can I do to shake things up a little?

Because now we’re used to that comfortable rhythm of writing on a daily basis. Or, in some cases, not.

But we’re about to enter into the doldrums of Week Three, NaNovelists. Many a NaNo project has sailed confidently into Week Three with all the confidence of two successful weeks behind it, only to never be seen again. To avoid this, you need to keep going, keep writing, and keep in touch with your NaNoWriMo buddies, because they are all going through the same things you are.

So let’s mix things up a little this week, and keep things fun, shall we?

First, I want to share a great (free) program with all of you called OmmWriter. Someone linked on Twitter over the past week, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I played with it for fun and managed almost 500 words in less than 20 minutes. If you’re having problems shutting out distractions, or if the parts of your brain that aren’t helpful to the writing process just won’t shut up, this might be the solution for you.

Second, we’re going to be giving out virtual NaNo Merit Badges starting this week. Come and share in the comments now and during the week which badges you’ve earned so far! There are: NaNo Socializing, Word-Count Padding, Procrastination, Caffeine Abuse, Secret Noveling, Creative Nonfiction, Rally Day, the Eureka Moment, Random Ending, and Victory.

AND THIRD! This coming Sunday, all of your NaNoing Birdies will be on Twitter for a write-in. We’ll be doing as many #wordsprints and #1k1hrs as we can manage, and you are all invited to join us. If you’ve been running behind, Sunday will be the perfect chance to earn that Rally Day badge!

I know it seems like November will stretch on into some time next year, but we’ve only got 16 more days left. Let’s make them fun, let’s make them count.



NaNoing Birdies and Readers, REPORT!

Liz: Oh my God. You really want to know?  Because I barely wrote at all last week. I’ve been working so much and after hours of staring at a manuscript, I just can’t face the idea of opening another. I think OmmWriter might help with that, though, since it’s an entirely different writing environment. We’ll see in a week when I report in, won’t we? I’ve edited over 100k in the past week. Does that count?

Current word count: 3,069

Viki: Oh boy! I hate checking in, it’s like weighing in at Weight Watchers — wearing my lightest clothes even during the winter months, having only one cup a coffee before I step on the scale, any way I can cheat one or two pounds off my total weight count. Oh I know, no cheating with my word count, promise! I didn’t write all weekend, too busy with family and friends…and no inspiration. I’m beginning the ‘sagging middle’ – ugh! And well, my muse is yawning telling me to give up on this crappy story! And I really need to start my edits for Lover’s Trill due the first of December…and I ask you, as did Liz, does editing count?!

Word count: 17,592

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