Welcome Guest Author Dominique Eastwick!

Today you have a special treat! Not only am I giving the lovely Cassandra a break and doing a guest post for her (she’s so fab for organizing nearly every SINGLE guest we have here!) but I got to interview the lovely Dominique Eastwick, author of Shifting Hearts, the first book in a shared world series. Woot!

Tell us about the new release!

Released just yesterday is Shifting Hearts the first in The Wiccan Haus series at Musa Publishing. Shifting Hearts is a paranormal erotic Romance that takes place at The Wiccan Haus a spa for emotional healing on a small island off the coast of Maine. Rekkus a Were-Tiger and the Head of Security at The Wiccan Haus and Dana is our rubenesque heroine who just left her fiancée standing at the altar and in the process loses everything.

What is a shared world? How does it work?

A shared world is when a series takes place in a specific place with some characters that are the same, written by different authors. The Wiccan Haus has four characters, the Rowan Sblings who own and run the Spa; these characters will weave their way through any story written for the series, so every author must stick to specific guidelines about the series and its characters. That being said as authors add to the series there additions also get added to the guidelines for future writers to use.

Do you have a favorite fictional character that you’ve created? What about characters by other people?

I think we all have favorites and mine are Tony and Haven at the moment, Rekkus is a close second. But Haven is my favorite heroine, she is strong and feisty and the perfect half to Tony.  And Tony is Tony, gorgeous protective, and perfectly flawed. Rekkus is the ultimate uber Alpha and I just love those too.

I have tons of favorite characters by other authors. I think it would be easier to ask me what is my favorite character by which author LOL. But I love Stephanie Laurens Devil and I love Sherilynn Kenyons’ Vane. And then there is Karen Marie Monings Drustan. GRRRRRR

What are three things you can’t write without?

I cannot write without my Mean Tea. That would be unsweet tea because if it ain’t sweet it’s mean. Living in the South where you take your tea with your sugar, I have to fight hard to get my tea MEAN.  But other than that I just need my Muse Thalia to cooperate with me which she doesn’t like to do.


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Sometimes it takes losing everything to find the one thing you need.

The last of his kind…

Rekkus is the last of the great Black Tiger weres and he is happy to stay that way. Working as security for the Wiccan Haus, a magical spa for inner healing, he has enough danger – and women – to keep him busy. Unfortunately, the Fates are not content with him being comfortable.

Alone and discouraged…

Dana has walked away from all she has known, her fiancé, family, apartment, and job. Now, having a ticket to the Wiccan Haus may be the only way she can move on. But what she finds isn’t what she expects, nor is it what she thought she was looking for.

Meet the unusual residents of the Wiccan Haus. The staff can get a little hairy and not all of the guests eat what’s served in the dining hall. But the proprietors always do what they can to make the resort into a place of healing and peace, using all of their years of practice. At the Haus, where humans and Paras reside side-by-side, everyone in need of the Rowan siblings’ services are welcome.



Rekkus paced in the shallow water. He ran his hand through his hair in a show of frustration. Just as her nerves didn’t think they could take anymore, he said, “Why are you here?”

“Myron told me to come here.”

He stopped pacing glared in the direction of where Myron would be then began to pace again. “Damn her. I spent all day avoiding you and she sends you right to me. You need to leave now.”


“It’s not safe for you here with me. I left you alone last night; if you stay I am not sure I can honor that request a second time.”

“I felt it too,” she blurted out, unable to keep it to herself any longer.

He moved so fast she never saw him actually take a step. All of a sudden she was wrapped in his wet arms, her breast pressed against his chest, making her now damp shirt cling to her body. His eyes searched hers. He must have seen what he was looking for, the desire she felt. Before she could form another thought, his lips were on hers in a feverous need. Demanding she open for him, and no part of her thought for a second to deny him anything. Butterflies churned in her stomach making her shake. She had never felt this; this fire that threatened to engulf her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, running her fingers through his wet hair and deepened the kiss. His moan was all she needed to gather the nerve and strength to push him forward. She knew what he wanted. Knew what he most desired, because she wanted it to. She wanted him, all of him, every naked inch, right here, next to this lake not a ten minute walk from the Haus. Anyone could stumble across them and she didn’t care. It almost added to the allure of everything. What she needed it to be.

Something more than she ever knew she needed. He was pushing her past her comfort zone forcing her to accept there was a sexy seductress screaming to be let out.

11 Responses to Welcome Guest Author Dominique Eastwick!

  1. Nice interview of “our” Dominique! I had never heard of a shared world. That’s really quite cool. I think I’d like to go to that spa.

  2. I’m going to have to buy that book for sure. It sounds very exciting. But speaking of Mean Tea – my parents are from Tennessee, and I didn’t think you could get unsweetened tea anywhere in the south. The last time I tried it, the waitress just gave me an apologetic look and said, “I’m sorry, hon. We don’t have that here.”

    Good luck, Dominique. I think Shifting Hearts is bound for success!

  3. Thank you for having me today:) Cornell it can be a challenge finding me some mean tea thats for sure. And Patti I would love to spend some time at this spa LOL

  4. What a great new step you’re taking with this paranormal! Judging by the excerpt, you have a real gift for worldbuilding! Congrats on your new release!

  5. I just read Shifting Hearts last night…I could NOT make myself put it down until I was through! I wish you the best of success and hope that many other writers will contribute to this shared world series. I had plenty of ideas pop to mind for stories and I’m NOT a writer!!!!

    Thanks for the interview Dominique 🙂

  6. melody colleen

    Congratulations, Dominique. I had never heard of this shared world concept – it sounds difficult, but fun. Your book also sounds interesting and fun, and the cover art is amazing! I’ve never read anything like what your book describes, but I may just have to change that very soon.

  7. Dominique, I read shifting hearts and loved every minute of it!! You did a spectacular job with creating this world as well as developing such vivid and charismatic characters. You had me, literally, scouring the internet for more paranormals you had written.

    All the best to you and keep up the good work!!

    Nya Rayne

  8. I stayed up late last night reading Shifting Hearts, and I am still panting! Rekkus is the ultimate HOT Alpha hero. I love the Wiccan Haus shared world and can’t wait to return to it.

  9. “The staff can get a little hairy…” that line alone makes it worth the read!! Love it.

  10. Is there sand? A beach? are they gonna in the water?
    Hot read. The series of a “world” where different authors can contribute is wonderful. Good luck.
    Emma Lane

  11. The Wiccan Haus does sound magical! I love the idea of a spa for inner healing…! Sign me up! Massage and facial, and eh, anything else that is on the menu ;0 Viki