NaNo Pep Talk and Check-In Time!

As Week One draws to a close, we sit back and look at what we’ve accomplished in that first, glorious rush of our NaNoWriMo projects. Or try not to look, depending on how persistent our internal editors are.

If you’ve been a diligent NaNovelist, you should have at least 10,000 words as of this morning. If you’ve got more than that, you get down with your bad self, you over-achiever! Keep up the pace, don’t rest on those laurels yet; there’s still plenty of chances to come for life get in the way (if you’re in the US, I have one word for you: Thanksgiving). Keep right on being the lean, mean, writing machine!

If you don’t have 10k, don’t fret. You’ve got three more weeks, and if you give it an extra little push every day, you’ll sail right on over that mark. Just keep at it, keep writing. Keep having fun as you wallow in this month of creative indulgence. Remember that I know you can do this, and you know you can do this;if you have trouble forcing yourself to write, find one of the Nanoing Birdies on Twitter and challenge us to a #1k1hr. Can’t spare an hour? Go for a 15-minute #wordsprint!

Writing is an inherently solitary vocation. And so much of the time, we feel isolated from the rest of the world when we’re deep inside our writer-caves, wringing words out, one at a time, like blood from a stone. But in the month of November, we’re reminded that this is a community. Writers, readers, hobbyists… we all come together for 30 days, united by the same, singular urge:

To tell a story.

Let’s keep that feeling building, that support and understanding, across genres and languages. Let’s all keep creating together.




Check-in time: (Birdies and readers, report!)

LIZ FASSBENDER MCAVOY (Duh, Scarlett!): I’ll be honest. Last night, I completely shelved all of the work I’d done on my NaNo. I’d started out on a story of my heart and it was far too complicated to write without some serious plotting and contemplation (that I just hadn’t done enough of). So yesterday, after admitting that I was already three days behind because of struggles with Word Dentistry and a (believe it or not) more pressing deadline, I regrouped, looked at some pictures of kittens, and then went to my spreadsheet of projects and snagged the next bad boy off my To-Do list.

Current Word Count: 2,465 Words

CAMRYN: I am officially in love with Scarlett and Liz for giving me this new spreadsheet for plotting. After my last post, Scarlett sent it to me and I worked with it to develop my new novella, and now I’m just about done with the damn thing. It has been magic, I tell you: MAJIK. Anyway, because of that thing, I am sailing along, and almost done with this book. And ready to start the next. My NaNo count may be a bit high because I am trying to do 100K this month instead of 50. I have put all my friends on alert that I will not see them, and am putting my head down at work. But I’m on pace so far.

Current Word Count: 17,299 words

SCARLETT PUREFOY— uh, sorry. SCARLETT PARRISH LETO: I’m cheating this year. Working on more than one story instead of a first draft of a 50k novel. Why? Because I have deadlines. I need to turn Burn in before Dec 1, and this weekend I managed to talk myself in to subbing a novella to another editor by mid-Dec, end of the month at the latest. This has meant delaying the story I was going to work on properly after Burn and bringing another one forward. A quick swap on my Superanal Organise-o-Matic Spreadsheet o’ Lusciousness.

I’m so far behind it isn’t funny, partly…okay, mostly…due to my own lack of organisation for the hours I’m at home. So my NaNo word count consists of the part of Burn I’ve written since Nov 1, just over a thousand words of another now-delayed project, and soon, the chunks of a M/M novella which I’ve already started, that I write in November.

Clear? As mud. Yeah.

Current Word Count: 5,786 words.

Viki: I’m also working on several books – one a novella which I’m on the last chapter – and will need to edit this month…which will cut into my actual writing time…and oh…what the fuc* did I sign up for NaNo again…when I failed to reach my 50K last year…

Okay, take a deep breath.

It’s only the first week. I can do this…

Word count: 6116 words

8 Responses to NaNo Pep Talk and Check-In Time!

  1. Just did my checkin. I’m loving the focus of NaNo so far. I really wish I could do this every month, but no one would speak to me.

    Go, DirtyBirdies!!

  2. Scarlett Parrish

    And there be my update. *whistles*

    • Elizabeth Silver


      ILU, you bloody lunatic.

      • I also have what I believe to be Liz’s organizer spreadsheet. And I am thanking everything holy for getting me into Dirty Birdies. Between Scarlett’s spreadsheets and Liz’s spreadsheets (#spread #sheets), I am one happy Cam.

        And I think if I say the word spread one more time, I’m going to put myself in Twitter jail. #gutter

        • Elizabeth Silver

          The organizing spreadsheet that helps you break down projects by title, genre, target publisher, target word count, current word count, and the status of draft, edits and submissions?

          Yep. That’s mine. My version has potential projects through 2013. o.O

          #spread #sheet #submission #dirtymind

  3. Spreadsheets? When did this all go down? I haven’t seen any spreadsheets!!! Just my husband’s fantical engineering mind spreadsheets that range from travel spreadsheets to our budget!