Do you NaNo?

It’s almost that time of year again.

That time when you forsake all others, including chores, a few key family members, school work, and possibly an afternoon or two a week at the office in favor of trying to bang out a complete novel in a single month.

For some people, that’s the same as any other month. Those are the people I kind of hate. Just a little. I envy that kind of ability to turn off the inner editor and just write for so long. For me, I can usually go a few days before I start getting twitchy and perfectionist. But NaNoWriMo doesn’t let me do that. It’s a bare-knuckled, balls-to-the wall experience that tells my inner editor to shut the goddamn hell up and sit the goddamn hell down.

To be fair, I normally encourage my inner editor to come out and play. I mean, it is my job and all.

But starting November 1, several of us Birdies will be strapping in (heh, strapping) for a 30-day roller coaster  ride of literary abandon. And we’d like to invite you all to join us. There’ll be a kick-off party post for you to drop by and leave a link to your NaNo profile for more buddies and we’ll have weekly check-in posts for you to share your triumphs and tribulations. There will be virtual merit badges and Birdie-hosted #1k1hr runs on Twitter, too.

And there, might, maybe, be a contest.

In the meantime, if you’ve been thinking about doing NaNo, but don’t have all of those pesky details hammered down, I come bearing the gift of links. Give these a whirl, and we’ll see you in next week’s kick off post!


Home to the many, many random generators of awesomeness. Why is this awesome? Because once you’ve written yourself into a boring little corner, or you need a character name, or you just want to play around with wild and crazy plot devices, this is the place to go. WARNING: Not for plotters. In fact, I think this might give some plotters an attack of apoplexy.

Word Count Meter

To keep track of your progress on your blog, of course! Customizable to different word goals and colors. Nifty, huh?

0 / 50000

The Bookshelf MuseThe Bookshelf Muse

Fabulous for their ever-growing thesauri for emotions, character traits, settings, weather/earthly phenomenon, colors/shapes/textures, and symbolism. Find a deeper understanding of what you’re trying to describe, so instead of saying “The night was humid,” you can say “The night was sultry.”

I will never tire of Throw Momma From the Train references, by the way. Just in case you were wondering.

The Virtual Magic 8-Ball

Just as useful when making writing decisions as with life decisions. Perhaps even more so. Also not recommended for the plotters at heart. :p

Virtual Coin Toss

For the simpler choices.

Ready, everyone? No? Me either.

This is going to be so much fun!

Elizabeth Silver will miss her husband and her friends over the month of November, but will be found periodically whining and writing via #1k1hr on Twitter. Like many NaNoers, she is easily lured by shiny objects, and like any good Birdie, that goes double for pictures of hot guys. It is quite possible she should avoid Twitter if she has any hope of getting through this.

8 Responses to Do you NaNo?

  1. I’m in for the craziness. #1k1hrs and such. Wooohoo. 🙂

  2. Girlballs to the wall. Heh.

    Mature comment is mature.

  3. I’ve signed up again. Managed it last year, just, and I hope to get at least something done this year.

    Don’t mind if I use you lot for inspiration, do you?

  4. Scarlett Parrish

    Anyone who allows Liz to influence their work will end up writing buttsecks.

    These fax are tru.

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