Awww yeah, check out the new hotness.

Check it out! We’ve got sexy, sexy new digs here at the Dirty Birdies blog. In fact, we’ve got our very own DOMAIN name and a whole brand new look, including some snazzy new updates, including way easy forms to get in touch about guest blogging and affiliation questions. You should definitely go and check out our Dirty Bookshelf and maybe request some Kindlegraphs from a few of us.

So update your bookmarks and take a look around. At least now it’s suddenly made clear why those of you on Feedburner have been getting such weird ass feeds these past few days, huh?

Anyhow! Enough with talking up the truly awesomely sexy job I did here (hey, I never said I was modest!). Let’s get on with a good old-fashioned DB Monday Pimping post.

Elizabeth: I have been hiding in a virtual writing cave for the past month and a half, but that’s awesome, because I’ve got two books that should be done within a month. What? I’m a Gemini. But my big pimp, and I can’t BELIEVE I haven’t announced it here, is that I have a short story that will be in Best Bondage Erotica 2012. “Laced” is a short piece of m/m erotica focused on a corset and how it alters bodies, perceptions, and relationships. When we get closer to the December release date, I’ll see about posting an excerpt. In the meantime, the anthology is already available for pre-order!

Okay. Back to work for me. :p

Scarlett: I’ve done next to no writing recently because I’ve been out and about…SOCIALISING WITH FLESHPEOPLES. Yes, me. With people. And not killing them.

Aside from that, do I have any writing news? Yes; A Little Death, my vampire novel, is released from Loose Id tomorrow. Here is a purchase link, but be aware it won’t go live for another twelve hours or so as I write this.

Two more books out in October, of which more anon, because I like saying ‘anon’.

Hopefully within the next few months I’ll have other projects finished because it’s been far too long since I wrote ‘the end’ on anything.


Cassandra: Well, let’s see, my friends…what do I have to tell you? I’m in edits for my December release with Loose Id, Caught, and I should have lots of other news to share soon. For right now, I’m in the middle of about a half-dozen different projects, and it would be nice to finish a few and get them off my desk, but such is life as a writer.

Talk to Me is getting some awesome reviews, and recently took second place in the erotic romance category of the More Than Magic published authors’ contest!


Viki: I haven’t been doing anything at all but editing! I have two books coming out in October, and that means two major edit jobs during July/August. Am I crazy! Yep, siree. Next year, I swear, I’m going to plan my releases. I’m really excited about my upcoming releases, both paranormal m/m romances. The Hunter Within continues Antoine and Jack’s love story – of course with its usual chaotic madness that always follows these two agents. Their love is filled with angst and Jack’s self-denial comes to the forefront as he has to deal with his conflicting emotions about Antoine and his wife. And, don’t forget Eidolon – he’s baaack…

For The Bite Of It – is a new m/m vampire series I co-wrote with Vina Grey. It will be a three part series, the first book to be released October 10 with Liquid Silver. An exiled vampire owns a cup cake bakery and lives an uneventful life until a car crashes through his bakery window, bringing in its wake a very sexy repressed cop. It’s fun, campy, sexy and choke full of tasty scenes 😉

Fighting Chance has been receiving some stellar reviews! I usually don’t go looking for reviews but sometimes my editor will send one or two my way, or the reviewer will email me.  Literary Nymphs own Chocolate Minx gave it a 4.5 star review – “Viki Lyn has created an exciting and exceptionally stirring fantasy that I enjoyed immensely.” Amen! It’s nail biting when a new book comes out – and this one was no exception!

One last thing…I’m participating in Aspen Mountain Press’ anniversary blog fest. Check it out here. And, LASR is having a scavenger hunt, as well. Check it out here. Both are giving away some really cool prizes!


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  1. Marika Weber

    Love the new site. Very well done. Easier to navigate, too.