When Ideas Attack

“If you have one fun thing,
you take it too seriously”
~Lukas Podolski

Shit, that’s right. I’m supposed to post today.

Well, fortunately, I have exactly the right thing to talk about for my first post in Multiples Month.

You see, I write slow. Mostly owing to the fact that I’m still trying to put my house back into order after the past 7 years of no one being home most of the time, and I have found that there are about a hundred things that need doing in any given day. But that’s okay, because usually, my ideas percolate slowly, too, so while I’m working away at one, I’m cooking another.

Only. You see, I’ve had two ideas come to full fruit at the same time. Which is awesome, because, the opposite would be much, much worse. And I’ve decided, sure, why not, let’s see if I can write them both. In a month and a half. I even set up a schedule and made up a spreadsheet to track my progress. Ask Scarlett, I’m kind of in love with spreadsheets. I even have one to track my progress on ALL the vague ideas I’m cooking for the next two years, and another to track all sales in dollars and unit numbers of individual books on a monthly basis, broken down by seller. OCD, I has it.

So. To recap:

Multiple project ideas – Check
Multiple spreadsheets – Check (so shiiiiny)
Multiple symptoms of mental illness…

I’ll check back with y’all in the beginning of August, and we’ll see if I survived this attack of pluralism. I’m not holding my breath, but I still live in hope.

How about you? Have you ever had multiple ideas clamoring at the same time? What did you do?


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