This post has nothing to do with kittens

You GUYS. We’re almost to 50 entries.

And that not only means SEXY FUN TIMES BONUS, but also that we’re halfway to the KOBO E-READER, too.

But… here’s the rub:

You’ve only got 10 days left to enter.


If you’ve subscribed via GFC but haven’t left a comment with your GFC name, your entry isn’t valid. If you’ve signed up for the Feedburner but haven’t activated the feed your entry isn’t valid.

I tell you this because I care, and because I’m finding people that are going to be missing out when we do the drawing. And that would SO very suck.

SO. Vote early, vote often. Wait, no. ENTER THE CONTEST. WIN AWESOME STUFF.

There. That’s better.

Also, I hope you forgive me for lying about the kittens.

7 Responses to This post has nothing to do with kittens

  1. I had to come and comment. The picture is adorable…snealky…sneaky…LOL

    Do you get notified when we sign up with feedburner? I've just been curious how it works at your end. Still new at signing up for newsletter, and often wonder how it works at the blog owners end.

    Plus I love the name of the blog….*S*


  2. Elizabeth Silver

    Isn't it precious? I just love kitties. *grin*


    When I sign into my Feedburner account, I can see all of the subscriptions, including which ones are confirmed, pending, or inactive. That easy!

    And thank you! We're pretty proud of it, ourselves. *grin*

  3. Puter froze…LOL
    But I love the kitten, and your very forgiven…*S*
    Now off to read the BDSM this month post…*S*
    Thank you!


    pommawolf @ hotmail dot com

  4. Enjoying your blog. Always something interesting.

  5. Elizabeth Silver

    Thanks, She! We're glad to hear you're having fun with us. 🙂

  6. Loving the BDSM month posts. Y'all have become part of my daily routine.

  7. Cassandra Carr

    Oh CJ. We love you too! (Tell your friends!)