Chips, Dips, Chains, and Whips

I love BDSM.

Which, if you’ve read my books, is probably not that much of a surprise. In both of our books, Jenny and I have included various kink aspects as character aspects as well as sex play; not with whips and chains (although there are cuffs involved at one point in Winner Takes All), but in much more subtle ways. I love the emotional and psychological click of BDSM, how a person makes that shift to Dom/me or sub, depending on the situation or scene, and that breathless, gorgeous moment when the rest of the world falls away and it’s just them.

With BDSM fiction, I get to be a voyeur, a part of that moment. I get to be the sub, dropping into subspace, or the Dom/me in complete control of every aspect surrounding them. I love that freedom that’s afforded to me just from reading and writing about it.

Or at least that’s the idea.

The problem is, I run into the same things Cat mentioned in her post the other day, time and again, especially the complete lack of semblance of SSC, and it throws me out of the story almost every time. And don’t even get me started on rape fantasy books that are just vaguely labeled BDSM and not marked at all for rape fantasy; suffice it to say that if you surprise me with that kind of shit, I will not trust you or your books ever again. And that’s if I’m feeling generous.

But, being as I’ve had a hella long week and if I start ranting I might not stop, I think I’ll just avoid talking about my pet peeves any more this go-round. Instead, I want to celebrate the ones who do it right. Because it’s a lot of damn work, and people deserve to be recognized for it so they can cuddle the happy-making words (when Jenny and I sent in the MS for Where the Heart Is, our first round of edits included a note that was the editorial equivalent of the Happy Dance because of how we handled the BDSM theme, and we both pull out our copies of that when we have days that make us wonder if we’re really doing the right thing by keeping at this writing thing).

Besides, I’m looking for book recs. Because reading four books at once and working on multiple writing projects and blogging clearly isn’t enough to keep me off the streets.

So. Tell me. What are some of the best BDSM books you’ve read? I’ll start: my most recently read and adored BDSM book is Seven Day Loan by my fellow Dirty Bird, Tiffany Reisz. Is it cheating to use that? Maybe. But it’s an excellent book, with hot as hell sex and BDSM scenes and fantastic dynamics, so I stand behind it.

Okay. Now it’s your turn. Gimme a shopping list. Spill.

11 Responses to Chips, Dips, Chains, and Whips

  1. Cassandra Carr

    The "Sweet" Series by Maya Banks. Not all of them have a strong BDSM slant, but particularly Serena/Damon and Angelina/Micah both have good elements of BDSM.

    I've also enjoyed the 1-800-DOMhelp books and the Doms of Dark Haven series. I'm reading Cherise Sinclair's Shadowlands series, and I like those too.

    But Maya gets my vote for the best.

  2. I liked Joey W. Hills' Holding the Cards. It's about two doms–one male, one female–who have been injured emotionally in previous relationships. They meet and try to heal the damage. Very good read.

  3. Elizabeth Silver

    Thanks, Cassandra! The Maya Banks books sound interesting… I'm definitely going to have to check them out. *grin*

    And thanks, She… that sounds like a really fascinating dynamic. You and Cassandra are helping with my shopping expedition nice… er, research. Yeah. That's it. Thanks for all the help with my writing research.

  4. ""And don’t even get me started on rape fantasy books that are just vaguely labeled BDSM and not marked at all for rape fantasy; suffice it to say that if you surprise me with that kind of shit, I will not trust you or your books ever again. And that’s if I’m feeling generous.""

    This. 1,000 times this. The whole reason I started writing BDSM was because I was so appalled by the lack of SSC, the rape-masquerading-as-BDSM-etc. I've read a few books that literally left my skin crawling, and at least three or four that had me unsettled and squicked out for hours afterward.

    Hoping it's okay for me to pimp out my own books here…my two currently available BDSM books are Light Switch and Reconstructing Meredith, both from Carnal Passions. I have a few BDSM books on my TBR list that I haven't started yet, but if they're good, I'll stop by and leave those titles. 🙂

    Lori (aka Lauren Gallagher/L. A. Witt)

  5. I second the above recommendations. Love Maya Banks and adore Joey W Hill's entire Nature of Desire series (my favorite is probably Rough Canvas–which is the only m/m out of the bunch). Joey Hill really gets into the psychological piece of the BDSM and she isn't afraid to push the envelope.

    Also enjoy Shayla Black's Wicked Lover series (not all are BDSM–Wicked Ties and Surrender to Me are the BDSM ones of the bunch.) And recently read Kele Moon's Beyond Eden and really liked that one too.

  6. Joy of Joyfully Reviewed

    Off the top of my head? Cherise Sinclair / Joey W Hill / Violet Summers / Bridget Midway

  7. Sasha Devlin

    My favorite hands down is Cherise Sinclair. All of her books (she's got the Shadowlands series and a few other stand alone titles) are excellent. My favorite is Breaking Free. I reread it about every 6 weeks or so

  8. Thanks for the recommendation! Here's what's funny to me. Some people read SEVEN DAY LOAN and said, "WHOA! Too much! Cringe! Scary!" while other people said, "BDSM lite. Too tame. That Dom isn't much of a Dom." Just goes to show you that "Your kink is not my kink" is a very true statement. People read and judge things so very differently. One person's skin-crawling rape book is another person's sexiest fantasy put on paper.

    For a BDSM recommendation, I'd say Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey–glorious, beautiful, and set in a fantasy world you'll want to move to immediately. I've already packed my bags.

    Thanks again, you erotica goddess Elizabeth Silver.
    Tiffany Reisz!

  9. HockeyVampiress

    I agree with the Maya and the Joey recs although I would add Vampire Mistress to that list too. I have had loads of people rec Kushiel's Dart as well. Trying to remember one I reviewed a while back that was very good but brain is abandoning me right now. As for Tiff's book…. I cannot wait to get my hands on it…. when I finally get an EI cheque it is on my list….I have had a taste of King and I want more… LOL

  10. New to this blog and I'm lovin' it. Love BDSM, hey I was born in April! lol My favorite BDSM novel is Joey W. Hills "Natural Law". LOVE LOVE LOVE that book. I have to ditto Sinclair's Shadowland Series. Love the earlier books by Justus Roux. Glad I found you ladies.

  11. Scarlett Parrish

    I just recently got around to reading SEVEN DAY LOAN (about time too, seeing as I read the sequel weeks back. (No, it's not published yet, yes, that means I'm speshul).

    I got a lump in my…


    It takes a lot of talent to pack that much emotion into fewer than 15k words.


    Seconding Cherise Sinclair. I've only read two of her books (The Dom's Dungeon and Master of the Mountain) but have another two on my ereader and will no doubt buy more once I'm finished with them.

    There's far too much rapey BDSM out there and you know what else I'd like to see? BDSM-lite. I love the hardcore flogging stories, but I'd like to see some mindfuck/edging/spanking books too. BDSM is a sliding scale after all, and not everyone in the lifestyle is a hairy bear leather freak.

    (No, I've no idea what I'm smoking, either).