Don’t you like free sex?

A reminder! The Dirty Birdies Grand Opening Contest is still going on. AND WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH ENTRIES TO GET TO THE HOTNESS.

How do you enter? You join our blog with Google Friend Connect over to the right here. And there you FOLLOW THIS LINK and leave and comment, telling me who you are and what name you subscribed under. THAT EASY.

And if you want an extra entry, you can subscribe to the blog via email, using out Feedburner subscription up in the top left. When you comment, just tell me what email you used so I can verify your active subscription when I fill out my spreadsheet.

Want more details? GRAND OPENING CONTEST

For folks outside the US and Canada: I am awaiting verification from Kobo directly, but so far it looks like winners outside of the US and Canada will be able to use the e-reader. It charges via USB and Internet legend has it that Kobo has a substantial international e-book selection. Also, users can load their own books from other sources (LIKE CONTESTS FROM DIRTY BLOGS). If anyone knows otherwise of has more info, feel free to hit us up with the details, but we’re going with open season for all readers (Babeland does ship internationally, but customs may require them to list the contents. Hence the option.)

Good? Good. Now, because Jenny still hasn’t let up on me for leaving him out of my Top Ten, I want to bring you some pictures of my Imaginary Celebrity Husband. I’ve got IC Boyfriends and Boytoys — hell, a whole harem full. But there’s only one Ewan. And I only share him with Jenny because I’m a good friend and because she’s scary when you get between her and her Ewan (projecting much, Liz?). (Edit: For copyright ocncerns, I’ve taken the pictures out. Instead, I bring you video!)

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